Policy Paper on IoT Future Technologies


Technology is deeply invading every aspect of society. "Being connected" to the Internet has become the norm in large parts of the world – whether by computer, tablet or smart phone, and this is now also increasingly true for "things". The European Commission has been exploring and supporting innovation in this field in its research programmes and policy papers for more than a decade. In accordance with the principles of the treaties, the Commission aims to make sure that the development of the IoT does not compromise the fundamental values on which European society is based. As part of the Horizon 2020 agenda, the Commission aims to stimulate and support technologies that can help address societal issues.

This Policy Paper on IoT Future Technologies has a focus on specific policy matters that can be addressed by IoT developments, or on policy matters that affect the way IoT can develop. The recurring theme in this paper is "trusted IoT" and includes reflections on topics such as big data / data protection, "security" and "ethical issues by design" that are crucial in this aspect.

The Paper concludes with a number of concrete policy recommendations to ensure that IoT innovation takes place within a responsible and ethical framework, and at the same time will be stimulated to attract even more investment over the years to come. Ultimately, IoT should "go ethical" so it will be able to fulfil the promise it holds towards the future: both for business, as for society as a whole!

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