Top CFD broker LiquidityX opens its doors in Germany

In the future, investors can use a new CFD broker, because: LiquidityX opens its doors in Germany. The platform has already received a lot of recognition and has been named “Best Forex Education Forex Provider 2021”.

LiquidityX offers access to numerous assets

With LiquidityX, German customers will for the first time have access to various assets that serve as an underlying asset in contracts for difference (CFDs). Among other things, it is possible to trade stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies. According to its own statement, the company strives to “offer a unique trading experience” and specializes in CFDs, stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies and indices. Customers can choose from over 45 cryptocurrencies, 200 stocks, 20 commodities and 30 forex pairs.

CFDs do not rely directly on an asset, but only on the course of the respective price. This eliminates, for example, high entry hurdles that can arise when buying individual securities. The potential return is increased – but the risk also increases.

Interested customers also have the opportunity to test the platform without registering and to “click through” the trading. So you get an impression of LiquidityX quickly and without any effort. If you value a more comprehensive insight, you can also make use of a free demo account after registering. This is charged with a test sum of 100,000 euros and allows you to familiarize yourself with the platform’s trading tools.

For example, traders have access to relevant statistics and data for analysis. This makes it quick and easy to assess whether the strategy will lead to success. The platform also provides information on technical analysis. Even trading beginners are in very good hands with LiquidityX: With the demo account you can familiarize yourself with the features of the platform without obligation and risk-free. In addition, further training is offered in the form of eBooks, articles, FAQs and guides.

Chart and trading tools on LiquidityX

In addition to the numerous assets, LiquidityX also offers many trading tools. They make CFD trading much easier and also take some of the work off the hands of professionals:

  • Analyst Comment: Precious research from top analysts and automated algorithms.
  • Daily market analysis: Global markets are analyzed daily – supported by research by popular analysts and proven indicators.
  • Economic Insights: Here traders receive powerful trading tools that can be used to monitor any market-moving events so that they can react quickly.
  • TipRanks: A complex tool for stock recommendations. Investors are thus shown the performance of financial advisors. Also included: analyst consensus and price targets for various US stocks.
  • Recommended ideas: Here traders are presented with bullish and bearish investment ideas (based on the technical analysis).

Deposits can be made through various options. The popular credit card, instant transfer and Giropay methods are also available. Plus point for LiquidityX: There are no costs for deposits or withdrawals.

The trading fees, in turn, are limited to the passive spread. This is variable and is primarily based on the respective base value. The platform also offers its customers a fee calculator with which the costs can be calculated exactly. Another positive aspect is the excellent customer service: It is not only available in different languages, but can also be contacted in numerous ways – whether live chat, telephone or e-mail.

Conclusion: LiquidityX – a strong partner for professional traders and beginners

LiquidityX could become a serious competitor for established corporations and banks due to its easy-to-use user interface and appealing services. Both the platform’s web application and the use of Metatrader 4 are extremely appealing. Although LiquidityX only opened its doors in Germany in the summer of 2021, the offer is already very extensive.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader: If you want to try LiquidityX, it is advisable to first set up a free account and try out the demo account. Here you can familiarize yourself fully with the platform and convince yourself of the many countless trading tools.

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