Workshop report: Fostering IoT enterpreneurship and innovation through Startups and SME


On 28 November 2014 30 experts in the field of Internet of Things, innovation, startup and SME support from business, European Commission and government gathered to discuss the opportunities arising when IoT development of technologies and services is taken up by startups and SMEs. Startups and SMEs are largely driving innovation and growth in Europe, and the upcoming market of IoT is right in the heart of new business opportunities. The meeting was hosted by Digital Catapult, a knowledge center set up by Innovate UK with a focus on the digital economy. It was organized by the European funded IoT support project Smart Action.

Conclusions from the day were very much that, whereas technology itself is still a challenge, the biggest problems for entrepreneurship in IoT are not technology related, but have to do with running a business, and accessing knowledge and finance. The main effort is in creating and connecting ecosystems supporting this, and much action is already underway, European Commission supported (e.g. Startup Europe, FIRE) and in partnership with European industry (e.g. FI PPP), national government supported (e.g. Digital Catapult), and private initiatives such as accelerators (including Startupbootcamp), and large, global companies that are funding initiatives and always on the lookout for new initiatives to partner with. In this it is well understood that not all SMEs or startups are the same … and have different needs. No “one size fit all”.

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The announcement of the workshop including the agenda can be found here.

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