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IoT: policies towards 2025


An ethical way forward is the only way to ensure IoT development and deployment can happen in a sustainable way, supporting both society and business in the long run. Therefore, a recurring theme in this paper is "trusted IoT" and “human dignity” and includes reflections on topics such as big data / data protection, "security" and "ethical issues by design" that are crucial in this aspect.

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Internet of Things Success Stories #3


After the success stories#2 book published earlier in the year, we are happy to publish the 3rd edition of IoT success stories. 10 new stories to use IoT are described with new cases and new fields such as on connected cars.

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IoT International Roadmap


Discover how IoT can benefit from nanotechnology, biotechnology and cognitive sciences!

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IERC Projects Portfolio


This booklet presents 12 projects organized in the Internet of Things European Research Cluster (IERC) with their objectives, solutions and outcomes. Readers are invited to further exploit these project results to develop the Internet of Things growing market.

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Policy Paper on IoT Future Technologies


In this paper, SMART-ACTION examines both policy matters that can be addressed by IoT developments and policy matters that affect the way IoT can develop with a special focus on "trusted IoT". It gives a number of concrete policy recommendations to ensure that IoT innovation takes place within a responsible and ethical framework.

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Workshop report: Fostering IoT enterpreneurship and innovation through Startups and SME


On 28 November 2014 30 experts in the field of Internet of Things, innovation, startup and SME support from business, European Commission and government gathered to discuss the opportunities arising when IoT development of technologies and services is taken up by startups and SMEs.

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Internet of Things Success Stories #2


After the success of the first set of stories published in June last year, we are happy to bring to you this new list of exiting IoT adventures. We notice important development in wearables, biosensors, energy efficiency and much more topics, which are presented here.

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