Big success of IERC village


The first Internet of Things event organised in France, Lyon, 8-9 April, 2015 was a major success with 4200 attendees, 110 exhibitors, 42 conferences, 175 speakers and 1000 followers.

SMART-ACTION coordinated the presence of a full  EU/IERC village where 12 projects were there to promote research results to SMEs and start-ups heavily present there.

SMART-ACTION presented also an IERC collective demo which was appreciated.

See the portfolio of projects and details of the collective demo here.

Side view of the IERC village at SIdO

SMART-ACTION and collective demo at SIdO

Peter Friess (EC IoT Unit), Zhang Xueli (CAICT Head of Chinese IoT experts delegation), Philipp Cousin (IERC & SMART-ACTION), Mario Campolargo (EC Director) in front of IERC village at SIdO 

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