A project funded by the European Union
Digital Catapult, Smart Action
Fostering IoT entrepreneurship and innovation through Startups and SMEs
28 November 2014 - 9:00-13:00 -  Digital Catapult Centre,  101 Euston Road, London
The workshop will bring together experts in the field of Internet of Things, innovation, Startup and SME support from business, European Commission and Government, to discuss the opportunities arising when IoT development of technologies and services are taken up by Startups and SMEs. Innovation and growth in Europe is largely driven by Start ups and SMEs, and the upcoming market of IoT is right in the heart of new business opportunities. During the workshop participants will hear from the responsible officials and experts in the field the state of things as of today, and get the opportunity to interact in order to further improve the support and opportunities for startups and SMEs in Europe.
During the 4 hour workshop 3 topics will be introduced followed by a discussion in which all are invited to actively participate: 
     • IoT Trends; 
     • Roadblocks and barriers to entrepreneurship and innovation; 
     • Startup and SME innovation support programmes. 

The results of the workshop will be published including a list of contributors and with no attribution of quotes to individuals (in line with Chatham House rules), with the exception of attribution of the introductory remarks per topic.
Be part of this workshop, and contribute to acceleration of startups and SMEs in Europe benefiting from the innovation opportunities of “The Next Big Thing” - the Internet of Things.
Agenda : Aim is to bring the Innovation in SMEs policy agenda and IoT policy agenda closer together, resulting in concrete recommendations for stimulating uptake of IoT in SME innovation in Europe.
Agenda:The aim is to bring the drivers in Europe’s policy agenda for innovation and growth, together with the opportunities arising from IoT. The outcome of the day will result in concrete recommendations for stimulating uptake of IoT in startup and SME innovation in Europe.
09:00 Welcome Remarks & Introduction: overall policy context”
09:55 Forecasting the Future of IoT, Cloud, Big Data and business opportunities arising ”
10:20 Discussion on road blocks/barriers to entrepreneurship and innovation
11:15 Coffee served around the Connected Digital Economy Innovation
11:40 Discussion on support policies for startups and SMEs
12:35 Conclusions and closing remarks
13:00 Lunch
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