Internet of Things Success Stories #2


After the success of the first set of stories published in June last year, we are happy to bring to you this new list of exiting IoT adventures. We notice important development in wearables, biosensors, energy efficiency and much more topics, which are presented here. We hope these stories will tease your imagination for stimulating innovation in using IoT.

There is not a single day where we don’t see reports on the importance of IoT as core component of big companies' strategies. Thousand of SMEs are also driving this new digital economy and, thus, it is not surprising we notice in the press: "the Internet of Things dominates CES in Las Vegas" (source Euronews dated 08.01.2015). 

We hope that these series of articles will continue to help to demonstrate how IoT can be used everywhere but more importantly can promote new businesses. We look forward to get more "stories" and provide to readers new fantastic and amazing case of using IoT for new businesses. Stay tuned!

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