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Fostering IoT entrepreneurship and innovation through Startups and SMEs


You are invited to our workshop on Nov 28th in London which aims at stimulating uptake of IoT in startup and SME innovation in Europe!

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New insights from IoT360 workshops


SMART-ACTION events during IoT360 identify interesting links between nanotechnology, biotechnology, communication science and IoT.

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EU-US IoT experts group set


EU-US Workshop: Promoting Global IoT Success Stories 8 October 2014, MIT Cambridge

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IoT360 Workshop "Innovating beyond IoT"


You are invited to our workshop colocated with the IoT360 scientific conferences on Oct 28th!

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Call for IoT success stories #2 book


to be published end of October 2014.

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Upcoming IoT internationalization events


SMART-ACTION is (co)organizing three international IoT events with US, China and South East Asia in October 2014 and January 2015.

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Download the IoT success stories#1 book


With this book, we want to increase awareness on IoT's positive sides by presenting eleven different IoT success stories, covering topics of different application areas.

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