EU-China IoT round table


3 days successful meetings  in Beijing held from 31st August to 2nd September to progress on EU-China IoT cooperation and to finalize a number of statements and agreements in an high level round table held on September 2nd.

An  industry involved workshop was organized to push forward the cooperation among IoT industry in the areas of smart agriculture and food safety, smart cities focus on data sharing, E-health, IoT open platforms, Industrial IoT,  IoT solution and future technologies on IoT. 17 companies were involved to discuss EU-China Cooperation.

This workshop was organised following "EU-CHINA Workshop on Industrial IoT and IoT Large Scale Pilot twinning" on August 31, and reported to "EUCTPII Roundtable for IoT Policy Recommendation" on September 2.

Several common EU-China position papers were agreed on Semantics Interoperability adding to two previous common statements on Identifiers and Architecture. A global EU-China white paper is in preparation for publication end November.

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