Smart Action : interaction fields

SMART-ACTION will provide support for International Road Mapping of the Research Agenda and Policies of the Internet of Things as part of the Future Internet Technological Development and to increase the uptake of European industry and businesses related to the IoT, serving the Lisbon Agenda.

Due the high level of interdisciplinary work in the research produced in the areas of Smart Cities and the Internet of Things, it will be necessary to understand, coordinate, support and engage not only the technological elements, but also other areas such as biotechnology, social sciences and nanotechnologies, just to name a few, that provide the right context in which Internet of Things concepts can be embedded and will be used to provide solutions that can benefit society at large. Such coordination is of uttermost importance and a crucial part of this support lies in the efficient coordination of dissemination efforts both inside and outside of Europe.

SMART-ACTION will provide support for the development of strategic research agendas as well as serve as a enabler for the dissemination and further integration of results into future research and industrial developments, while at the same time, coordinating international efforts as efficiently as possible.