EU-South East Asia Events 2015

EU-SEA Workshop and Cooperations on Internet of Things and Open Platforms

Can Tho, Vietnam, January 25-27, 2015
(colocated with RIVF 2015)

Meet the EU Internet of Things R&D community
See experience of Internet of Things in South East Asia

Internet of things (IoT) is one of the most promising ICT technologies connecting objects, machines and people in smart ways. IoT success relies on using communications technology with affordable Internet infrastructure to provide an unlimited number of end user services and applications. IoT technologies are accepted also as enabled through more and more open-source and open platforms, that can have a broad range of applications to improve our life. IoT have extensive applications in transport, cities, energy, agriculture, etc.

All IoT-related EU research projects are actually coordinated within a cluster called IERC (Internet of things research cluster) which is today coordinating +15 EU research projects for € +75 Millions.

MEET THE EU IoT community to develop further cooperation but more importantly to bring experiences to stimulate cooperation in IoT research and platforms for the whole SEA region. 

Download the detailed program here!