The importance of international cooperation in science and technology is explicitly recognised in the European Union's Innovation Union flagship initiative and the proposals for Horizon 2020, the next EU funding programme for research and innovation.

Many of our international partner countries are investing more-and-more in research and innovation, and cooperation will be vital if research is to reach its full potential. An active and more strategic international cooperation will also contribute to achieving the EU’s wider policy objectives.

On September 14th, 2012, the European Commission set out its new approach to international cooperation under Horizon 2020 in a Communication entitled "Enhancing and focusing EU international cooperation in research and innovation: a strategic approach". In-line with this approach, international cooperation activities developed under Horizon 2020 should contribute to the objectives of:

  • Strengthening the Union’s excellence and attractiveness in research and innovation and its economic and industrial competitiveness;
  • Tackling global societal challenges; and,
  • Supporting the Union’s external policies.

The new international cooperation strategy focuses on research in areas of common interest and mutual benefit in order to achieve these objectives.

As far as international cooperation for IoT research is concerned we coordinate our action within IERC (IoT European Research Cluster)

IERC will facilitate the knowledge sharing at the global level and will encourage and exchange best practice and new business models that are emerging in different parts of the world. In this way, measures accompanying research and innovation efforts are considered to assess the impact of the Internet of Things at global and industrial level, as well as at the organisational level.

Some common statements are currently worked out such as in ARM (Architecture Reference Model), Identifiers or Standardisation

Interactions are currently organised for the following regions or countries:

  • China (Mainland and Taiwan)
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • North America
  • Brazil
  • Africa

Should you want to contribute and/or be part of these coordination activities please send a mail to