The Internet of Things European Research Cluster (IERC) brings together the European projects in the field of IoT technology with the aim of defining the IoT technology and development research challenges at the European level in the view of global development.

The rationale for IERC is to address the large potential for IoT-based capabilities in Europe and coordinate/encourage the convergence of ongoing work on the most important issues in order to build a broadly based consensus on the ways to realise IoT in Europe.

A portfolio of more than 40 projects with a total EC investment of around 120M€ are part of the IERC. The projects are grouped into a flexible set of activity chains that are created to favour close cooperation between the IoT Cluster stakeholders and to form an arena for exchange of ideas and open dialog on important research challenges.

The IERC is expanding its contact net by involving actively national projects covering the area of IoT through national value networks in order to establish an open dialog and exchange of ideas to use efficiently the synergies among the projects, and avoid overlaps and double financing of activities.  

Excellent EU research results and industrial leadership in IoT technologies are instrumental for Europe to be a front runner in developing and deploying timely and viable solutions for highly performing IoT applications.

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